Los Angeles native Saro’s music explores life’s darker side while still finding light within that space. It can be said that darkness breeds the best art. On his recently released debut EP In Loving Memory out now on his freshly minted Mateo Sound Label, songs like “Test” accompanied by a jarring visual, reach into themes of emotional convolution and resilience amidst painstaking grief.


One more track before bed but i really should get to sleep. the juno sounded a bit funkier, didn't it? gonna do another take with the filter a little higher and then it's bedtime


Amy Kuney is an LA based topliner specializing in lyrics. She comes from an artist background but is focused on collaborating for outside projects at the moment. Amy had 2 cuts on the Kelly Clarkson release at the end of 2017 and has been working with other artists and producers. ames’ debut ep “My name is ames was released on april 5th, 2019


Born from the leftfield textures of LA's thriving underground dance scene, City Father's work lives in that elusive space between club music and home listening. Deftly weaving together vibrant synthscapes, eclectic found-sounds, and unrelenting percussion, City Father brings life to heady dance music with an enduring emotional core.


Pander Sera is a drummer and video artist with a reverence for mess. Searching for moments of transcendence buried under noise and static, Pander Sera utilizes technologies both old and new to discover relationships between human energies and signal flow.


Neek is an artist, producer, and vocalist whose home-recorded electronic soundscape-pop serves as a self-reflective exploration of the strength found in vulnerability.